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What is Black America Clothing Co. ?

Black America Clothing Company, BACCo., was created in 2018. The idea behind BACCo. was to recognize the differences that are often noted within Black America. From the beginning until now, our journey has been different. Through our struggles and our triumph, our story is unlike everyone else's. 

The logo shows America upside down, as a depiction of how we often see things differently. The red line is the underlying connection that keeps us bound together. 

Through BACCo., we highlight the good in our story and the strength in us overcoming adversity. 

We are not about division but we are about understanding. So when you see someone wearing their BACCo. shirt, hoodie, cap or any other item, know that they represent our contrasting story and the greatness in our representation. 

When you see someone wearing BACCo., just remember that "It's Different For Us" (TM).

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